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Bespoke Design Services

Structural Design

Pipeshield® are engineers and artists in concrete. We calculate and create designs in mass, reinforced and prestressed concrete and engineer from them a full range of precast products

Protection Design

We design products flexibly to fulfil a number of functions. They are equally capable of application in a range of differing situations. Our designs allow for flexibility in use, too. For instance, rigid protective covers give clearance to ensure that in the event of severe impact the installation is totally isolated. A mattress can provide sufficient cushioning effect against minor impacts to protect a pipeline. All our designs result in liftable systems that are seabed supported and therefore do not need the additional complexity and expense of anchors or piles.

Impact Testing


We have the engineering capability to assess all the foundation parameters necessary to ensure adequate bearing and sliding resistance and the prediction of any settlement, for all our products.

Wave & Current Analysis

We offer a design and analytical capability to assess the effects of environmental loading on all our installations. The correct prediction and combination of forces created from wave velocities, accelerations, currents and lift characteristics ensures that our products are both cost effective and fit for purpose.

Code Checks

All our designs are provided in accordance with relevant codes such as API RP2A, DnV, NORSOK and the relevant British Standards.

Impact Protection

We are experienced in subsea impact analysis and so able accurately to design concrete structures to resist the effect of dropped objects and trawl board impact, thereby protecting subsea installations of all kinds. These structures are also designed to ensure liftability and on-bottom stability to provide our clients with a cost effective solution to the problem of impact.

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