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Pipeshield International Ltd is already a world leader in subsea pipeline protection proud of a reputation renowned for delivering a solution, product or service unique to meet our clients needs.

However, we are always looking for innovative solutions.

Our latest Advanced Drill Cutting Process demonstrates our ability to employ a range of engineering disciplines to create an environmental solution to a range of ground contamination and remediation applications.

We have developed an international patented plant which adopts an already proven thermal desorption process to remediate contaminated drill cuttings and sub-soils. Our process can tailor the output to meet our clients requirements by precision controlled airflow, temperature and retention settings, operated by our engineers and technicians.

We have UK Laboratory supply chain provider giving us access to unrivaled verification and testing facilities.

Following recent successful remediation trials in the Patos-Marinza Oil Field, Albania, we have a full suite of chemical analysis testing both pre-processed and processed material to measure contamination reduction.  We have benchmarked our results against stringent UK and EU guidelines and compare favourably.

Contact us for further information or a copy of our ADCP presentation.

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