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Health & Safety - OHSAS 18001

Pipeshield International Ltd will endeavour to maintain the Health and Safety of all persons whilst at work.  We are OHSAS 18001 accredited.

Pipeshield International Ltd will:-

  • Ensure that all working practices carried out by our employees are carried out safely and in a manner that will put neither themselves or others at risk of injury.
  • Take all reasonable precautions so as not to cause injury to the public or damage to property and the environment.
  • Ensure that all its employees are adequately trained in all matters relating to Health and Safety so that they are able to conduct themselves in a manner that will safeguard their Health and Safety and also that of others.
  • Provide all necessary protective clothing and equipment to carry out its operations in order that its employees or others Health and Safety is not put at risk.
  • Ensure adequate funds and facilities are provided so that the Company can meet its statutory obligations appertaining to current Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.
  • Keep its Health and Safety policy up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size. The policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed at least every year.

Pipeshield International Ltd encourages all its employees to be fully committed to Health and Safety and expects them to:

  • Take all reasonable measures to protect the Health and Safety of themselves and also of others.
  • Report to Pipeshield management immediately any aspect of their work or working environment, which may become a hazard to Health and Safety.
  • Refer to Pipeshield management immediately in the event that they do not understand what is expected of them with regards to Health and Safety.

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