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High Payload Bi-Flex Mat - The Super-Mat (Patent applied)

Taking installation costs into consideration, the Super-Mat is capable of acting as a speed-loader while retaining all the functions of a coventional mattress.

The high payload Mattress (Super-Mat) retains all the functions of a conventional mattress, however it is designed and manufactured adopting an enhanced lifting system to facilitate pickup not only of its own weight but including a stack of conventional mattresses for rapid handling and deployment to the seabed.
The Super-Mat offers a cost effective alternative to speed loaders and a deployment solution with the ability to deploy multiple mat configurations from vessel to seabed in one simple lift without the need for hire equipment, such as speed loader frames, thus saving on-hire and logistic costs.
The Super-Mat concept can be adapted to suit the handling and installation requirements of the customer. Where lesser numbers of mattresses are required to be handled in a single lift the base mats standard rope can be uprated to a higher thickness and strength to allow the mat to be used to simulate a conventional speed loader function.
Key Features & Benefits 
  • Can be used as an alternative to speed loaders and used to deploy multiple mats to the sea or riverbed.
  • Eliminates hire and additional rigging / logistic costs.
  • No additional deck space required after installation of mats.
  • Reduces loading time of vessel or crane, and deployment time when multiple stacks of mats are required.
  • Simply to use as procedure is same as standard concrete mattress handling.
  • Pipeshield can supply uprated frames capable with a SWL of 30Te to suit.
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