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The GEO=MAT geotextile mattress has been designed to provide extra benefits to those obtained from a normal concrete mattress. The highly durable, needle punch non-woven layer can be used as a preventative measure to avoid sinking in soft sea or river bed conditions, or used as an anti-abrasive layer to provide a barrier between the concrete mattress and the asset.

A standard GEO=MAT comes in an oversized 6m x 3m size designed to be installed with our standard range of mattresses, although bespoke sizes and specifications are also available. With easy fixing points at all loops, the pre-fixed GEO=MAT enables a single process installation of both concrete mattress and protective layer. The GEO=MAT can be fitted to the top, bottom or both sides of the concrete mattress.

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-fixed for single installation
  • Oversized for syncronized lifting
  • Non-woven high durability
  • Comes in standard 6m x 3m or manufactured for bespoke sizes
  • Can be used to prevent sinking in soft sea / riverbed conditions
  • High quality anti-abrasive protection
  • Can be fitted on either side or both
  • Fast & easy to attach to mattress or structure


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