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Pipeshield supply Nord Stream II pipeline crossing mattress scope

5th Mar 2019

In 2018 Pipeshield supplied over 10,000 tonnes of mattresses for the Nord Stream II project in the Baltic Sea.

Contracted to Allseas Netherlands, the NS2 was one of our more complex projects during the year.

Manufacturing was carried out from different locations including our Montrose manufacturing facility and two sites from within the port itself.

In total over 1,200no. mattresses were supplied including bespoke 10 metre uni-flex mattresses and 6 metre bi-flex mattresses.

All bi-flex mattresses are fitted with anti-abrasive rubber on one side to provide an anti-abrasive barrier. In addition to this, the mattresses were designed to enable the mattresses to be lifted by the short edges during installation.

For installation two specialist lifting frames were designed and manufactured by Pipeshield for the purpose of multiple mattress installation. A dual release frame for the installation of two 10 metre uni-flex mattresses weighing nearly 20 tonne each, and a quick release frame for the simultaneous installation of five 6m x 3m bi-flex mattresses lifted on the short edges.

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