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EA1 Phase 2 Mobilisation Commences

12th Jul 2019

Picture: 156no. FCM's being loaded using Pipeshield's patented high payload Wet Store Bases at the Port of Blyth, reducing loading times by more than half.


The first mobilisation of the East Anglia ONE - Phase 2 scour protection has been loaded prior to installation. 

As previously reported the first 50% of the scour protection, consisting of 156no. 6m x 3m x 300mm concrete mattresses have been manufactured from Pipeshield's permanent quayside facility within the Port of Blyth, Northumberland. 

All mattresses are pre-fitted with Pipeshield's own design 3-part frond system which make up the Fronded Concrete Mattress (FCM). When the protective mattresses are placed over the cable the frond system is activated creating an artificial seaweed effect. This slows downs the sediment on the bottom of the seabed creating a small sand bank, naturally covering the mattress without the requirement for any additional seabed intervention.

Pipeshield have provided a total of 34no. patented high payload Wet Store Bases on the project. These pre-loaded bases hold six 300mm thick mattresses and using our specialist heavy duty quick release spreader frame are lifted directly onto the deck in a single stack. The horizontal configuration ensures the integrity of the stacked FCM's is retained and the introduction of the Wet Store Bases for loadout purposes has more than halved the normal loadout duration for this quantity of mattresses compared to conventional methods, saving considerable port & vessel standby costs.

The second mobilisation will be from the Port of Great Yarmouth in the next couple of weeks. Pipeshield have manufactured the remaining 50% of the mattresses within Great Yarmouth port near to the deep water berth of the new outer harbour.

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