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Port & Harbour Anti-Scour Solutions

Pipeshield International Limited are specialists in anti-scour solutions, protecting assets and infrastucture from the damaging effects caused by erosion, wave and tidal impact, and even human influence such as scour damage caused by vessel bow thrusters.

Globally, Pipeshield have carried out several large projects during 2016 & 2017 specifically to help resolve these issues and increased our activities in this area fourfold year on year. Pipeshield has continued to focus on methods to resolve these ongoing problems and have been working tirelessly to develop the design and installation techniques of our solutions specifically with this application in mind.

Concrete mattresses, our GEO=MAT geotextile mattresses, PRP (Precise Rock Placement) Units, and our subsea rated sand, grout and gravel bags can all be used to good effect to protect from scour issues and can be easily installed using our specialist handling and installation equipment with minimal diver intervention. Our quick release and dual release frames can increase installation further, as well as our tailored hydraulic operated release systems enabling full control from the surface.

Contact us for more information and for case studies of previous projects.

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