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Fabric Formworks (MC)

Fabric Formworks

Where existing pipelines, bridge footings, riverbanks etc have been subject to scour or where the seabed or riverbed profile under the pipeline has created excessive freespans, one of the solutions is to supply Fabric Formworks.

Fabric Formworks are envelopes which incorporate one or more grout injected nozzles that can be inflated with grout and when cured forms a permanent support under the pipeline.


Key Features and Benefits are:

  • Can be deployed either by a Diver or ROV offering a quick and easy Installation.
  • Generally used where larger supports or freespan corrections are required.
  • Heavy duty reinforced 240gm woven polypropylene envelopes available in bespoke sizes and profiles which means they can be used in virtually any application.
  • Can be lifted into place and used with smaller grout bags for a complete support solution.
  • Can be supplied with Fronds attached offering greater protection against scour and encouraging sediment build up over the pipeline or cable.


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