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Deployment and Recovery

Speed Loaders

To minimise loading times, Pipeshield has designed in house a speed loader system which is compatible with the majority of our mattress products.

Unlike traditional speed loaders, we have introduced a quick-hitch spreader frame and offer either angle-iron sections or our enhanced design with tubular sections which mitigates the possibility of block damage and subsequent loss of performance.

Wet Storage/Deployment

Using a universal top-frame the Wet Storage base is capable of deploying a SWL of 63Te payload to the seabed, riverbed  e.g.

  • 6 No. 300mm concrete mats
  • 12 No. 150mm concrete mats

One lift saves time and money rather than deploying each mattress individually. The bases can then be marked with a buoy or beacon to enable easy relocation.

Recovery System

For decommissioning and subsequent mattress retrieval, the wet storage base can be used for recovery to vessel and then direct to transport for recycling at a Pipeshield facility.

Key Features and Benefits are:

Dual Purpose Installation and Recovery System – Saving time and money on extra equipment.

66 Tonne Payload – Safe multiple mattress installation and recovery through the splash zone.

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