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Concrete Structures (MC)

Concrete Protective Structures

Subsea installations are vulnerable to damage through trawl board strikes, accidental dropped objects from platforms and vessels.  Pipeshield reinforced concrete structures provide an excellent medium to resist the effects of impact

Concrete Protection Cover

Pipeline Supports

Often legislative requirements deem it necessary to provide minimum separation between asset pipelines, therefore any pipeline needing to be lifted off the seabed as it passes over an existing pipeline or cable may require a reinforced concrete support system

Pipeshield can offer the following:

  • Tee beams or sleeper supports
  • Bridges
  • Ramps

The above can all be used in conjunction with

Bi-Flex or Uni-Flex mattresses. All designs ensure that the units are stable under storm conditions and have an adequate base area or footing size to prevent excessive settlements, this ensures that minimum clearances are maintained.

TEE Beam Support with additional skirt plates for enhanced bearing capacity

Impact Protection Covers

Designed to client specification or to our recommendations, the parameters of the weight, size and clearances required together with a correctly specified durable concrete mix are incorporated to provide an effective, functional and durable structure.

Concrete structures are gravity based structures and therefore require no additional subsea fixing once deployed.

We offer the option of either standard wire rigging or in house supplied installation equipment for quick release by ROV, diver or remote operation.

Spool Piece Protection Cover

Weight Collars

  • Cylindrical units fabricated in reinforced concrete.
  • Fixed around pipelines to provide additional on-bottom weight.


We offer a full design capability to assess and cater for the effects of environmental loading, installation loads and geotechnical conditions on all our installations.

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